"Shibui" kimono coordination

I went out in kimono the other day.
Here are photos.


This outfit is more "Shibui" than my usual one.
cf) Shibui - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My favorite point is powdered-green-tea-colored obiage and adzuki-beans-colored obijime.

Powdered green tea and adzuki beans are often used in Japanese sweets.
So, I imagine Japanese sweets when I see this outfit.

This outfit have not only shibuiness but also sweetness.
I like it.


  1. I also love your obiage and obijime!

    It's amazing how different Japanese thinking is when it comes to coordinating kimono. I mostly think about seasons and color, but I never imagine sweetness, cold, hot or similar like that.

    1. I mostly think about seasons and color, too.
      I happened to imagine Japanese sweets this time.
      But some Japanese people intend to coordinate kimono that is imagined something like food and other stuff.

  2. You look very cute, i love your obi, obiage, and obijime! I also think some Kimono and accessory combos remind me of otherthings like flowers or seasons or on occasion food... but it is just a passing thought... either way you look super cute!

    1. Thank you! :) I want to show you many cute kimonos.