Valentine's Kimono

It's late, but I will show you my valentine's kimono.


The theme of this coordination is "Hard to say I love you".
The girl who can't express her feeling straightforwardly.

Originally, this outfit had heart-patterned obiage.

Though heart-patterned obiage was actually the point of Valentine's coordination, I changed my mind suddenly.
On this day I felt like to wear black-white-striped obiage.
I don't know why.


Ume blossoms with branches coordination

On Feb 1, I went out in ume-blossoms-with-branches kimono coordination.

Very pretty!

unfortunately, there is no red ume blossoms on this kimono's breast.
If this kimono had red ume blossoms on the breast, I would love this kimono more.
But, without red ume blossoms on the breast, I love it.