Setagata Flea Market

Setagata Flea Market was held on last Sunday and Monday.
I heard it is possible to buy kimonos cheaper.
So, I went to Setagata Flea Market on both days.

On 15 Jan, Sunday, what a lot of people there are!

There were so many people that I couldn't move freely.
But I went my way through the crowds, and
was able to buy 3 obijimes(1000yen), white kimono coat(2000yen) and hitoe kimono(500yen).


On 16 Jan, the second day, I went in kimono with boots.

On this day, I bought two haoris.

Red floral pattern haori was 1000yen and the other haori was 300yen!
I made good buys!


  1. Hello Mai!
    Your blog is very nice and i looove your kimonos! Their are so pretty and I love everything related to Japan. Hope you keep blogging. :)

    Best wishes from Austria

    1. Hello Christina!
      Thank you for your comment.I'm glad you like my blog and kimonos.
      Keep blogging! I can do it!

  2. So cool! I wish i could go... but oh well. i like your blog and thanks for likeing my blog.
    i hope you have an awsome kimono year ahead!

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I'm very happy that foreign people love kimono.
      I hope you keep enjoying kimono life and have an awesome kimono year.

    2. Thank you, I only just fell in love with kimono but there are many foreign people who love kimono, there is a Fourm called Immortal Geisha and the leader is an american. have you heard of it?

    3. Yes, I know Immortal Geisha. When I started English kimono blog, I searched kimono blog and knew that many foreign people wear kimono. It's surprise to me, but I'm really glad. :)

    4. yeah! we have to spread and share the beauty of kimono with others because Kimono is very beautiful and very interesting.

  3. Cool!
    You could get gorgeous kimono related items during the event.