other outings in Feb

Although I updated my blog only two times in February,  I went out in kimono more.
Here are the pictures of other outings.

A) antique Meisen & matryoshka obi coordination

B) British coordination

C) a girl student of Taisho period coordination

D) No concept coordination

Which one do you like?


Valentine's Kimono

It's late, but I will show you my valentine's kimono.


The theme of this coordination is "Hard to say I love you".
The girl who can't express her feeling straightforwardly.

Originally, this outfit had heart-patterned obiage.

Though heart-patterned obiage was actually the point of Valentine's coordination, I changed my mind suddenly.
On this day I felt like to wear black-white-striped obiage.
I don't know why.


Ume blossoms with branches coordination

On Feb 1, I went out in ume-blossoms-with-branches kimono coordination.

Very pretty!

unfortunately, there is no red ume blossoms on this kimono's breast.
If this kimono had red ume blossoms on the breast, I would love this kimono more.
But, without red ume blossoms on the breast, I love it.


"Shibui" kimono coordination

I went out in kimono the other day.
Here are photos.


This outfit is more "Shibui" than my usual one.
cf) Shibui - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My favorite point is powdered-green-tea-colored obiage and adzuki-beans-colored obijime.

Powdered green tea and adzuki beans are often used in Japanese sweets.
So, I imagine Japanese sweets when I see this outfit.

This outfit have not only shibuiness but also sweetness.
I like it.


Motif of ume blossoms with branches

The season of "UME" (Japanese apricot blossoms) is coming soon.

We can wear a kimono with a pattern of only ume blossoms through the year.
But in the case of a pattern of ume blossoms with branches, we can wear only in the ume-blossom season.
It's a long-established custom of Japanese Kimono.


I like patterns of ume blossoms with branches.

In ume-blossom season, I'm going to wear the kimono coordination below.


This kimono has patterns of ume blossoms with branches.

It was really hard for me to write this post.
Can you understand my English?


Setagata Flea Market

Setagata Flea Market was held on last Sunday and Monday.
I heard it is possible to buy kimonos cheaper.
So, I went to Setagata Flea Market on both days.

On 15 Jan, Sunday, what a lot of people there are!

There were so many people that I couldn't move freely.
But I went my way through the crowds, and
was able to buy 3 obijimes(1000yen), white kimono coat(2000yen) and hitoe kimono(500yen).


On 16 Jan, the second day, I went in kimono with boots.

On this day, I bought two haoris.

Red floral pattern haori was 1000yen and the other haori was 300yen!
I made good buys!


How to manage kimonos.

How do you manage to your clothes?
In the case of my kimono, I took pictures and posted on my Japanese blog.

Obi is managed in the same way.

In this way, I can look over my entire collection.
It is useful when I choose kimono and obi.

Some of these kimonos and obis have not been worn yet.
I look forward to wearing those.